Affordable KVM VPS hosting in Ottawa, Canada.

Explore our range of KVM VPS servers based in Ottawa, IP transit options, and LIR services/IP leasing.

Our range of services

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Ottawa KVM VPS

From US$ 4.50

Memory starting at 1GB (up to 32GB)

1Gbps port-speed with generous bandwidth/transfer allowances

1 Public IPv4 address

Native /64 Public IPv6 subnet

BGP sessions available

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LIR Services/IP Leasing

From US$ 7.99

Up to /23 IPv4 Available

Up to /44 IPv6 Available

RPKI Signing & Delegated RPKI Available

IRR Record Assignment

Full SWIP Reallocation Available

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From US$ 60.00

1U to 8U+ rack units

1 Amp to 4 Amp Power (208 Volts)

Bandwith options of 1Gbps or 10Gbps (with BGP sessions available)

IPv4 allocation options of /29 to /27

IPv6 allocation options of /48 to /40

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IP Transit

Contact us for a quote

Delivered via physical cross-connect

Packages starting at 1Gbps (up to 10Gbps)

Prefix lists built upon IRR & RPKI entries

Included /29 IPv4 & /48 IPv6

IP allocations SWIP-reallocated to your ARIN Organization

Why choose Accuris?

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Well Connected

Thanks to our diverse transit providers and peers we can provide all customers with high quality connectivity to Canada, the US, and the rest of the world.

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Low Pricing

Looking for top-quality products at affordable prices? Look no further than Accuris. We offer low prices on all of our products and services without sacrificing quality.

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Our hosting services are designed with reliability in mind. We use backup generators and redundant servers to ensure that your website is always available.

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Highly Secure

Security is a top priority for us. All components of our infrastructure have regularly-applied security updates to ensure system security.

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Customer Support

Our skilled customer support team is always at your fingertips. Whether you need help with setting up your hosting account or have a question about your server, we'll help.

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Highly Performant

Our platform is optimized for performance. Whether you're running a small blog or a large e-commerce site, we have the infrastructure in place to handle any load.

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